'By The Book' Traveling Exhibition      |       المعرض المتنقل: على الصراط

Bahrain: The Emerging Art Scene & the Role of Arts in Reconciling Society 

 البحرين: المشهد الفني الصاعد ودور الفن في إصلاح المجتمع 

Curator’s Talk with Tamadher Ali        |        كلمة قيم المعرض مع تماضر علي 

As noted/unnoticed: Cultural Production of the GCC       |      كما ورد/ كما لم يورد: الإنتاج الثقافي في دول الخليج العربي 

Panel Discussion moderated by Dr. Antony Downey      |        حلقة نقاش مع د. أنتوني داوني 


The art scene within the Arab Gulf (or GCC) has been through a state of flux. Typically exposed to Western audiences, and the greater art world, as a strongly diluted stereotypical image of the Middle East. The Arab Gulf’s distinctive art identity remains undervalued.

A great emphasis has been directed towards cultural production centres such as Palestine, Egypt, and Iraq. Meanwhile other overlooked cities have been forming and informing distinctive cultural images within the overall Gulf region.

This project addresses the misconceptions of the contemporary art scene in the Gulf, it offers an alternative view that is diverse, unique and vernacular in attempt to understand its complexity and dynamics. This ongoing project will develop into a series of seminars and public talks. Specifically focusing on shedding light on the Gulf art scene as a distinctive voice within the Middle East.